Pricing Details of E-Cigarettes

There are many producers of e cigarettes which supply many types and sizes of the same product. The content of nicotine is also different since there are variations as per the different brands. Nevertheless the pricing of the e cigarettes are done as per the guidelines and instructions given by the government of the country. In fact all the information given by the government other than the pricing also should be followed by the restrictions of the government. Here are some brief descriptions about the pricing of e cigarettes in Australia. Lets us discuss it in detail.

The different products available in the Australian market for vamping are e cigarette pens, e cigarettes and many more.

  1. Vale Pens

This is one of the most common products sold in the Australian market. Many marketers say that the customers are attracted to this product since the vale pens are easy to carry as well as use. The resemblance of pen with the normal pens makes it easier for the customer to use. The introductory pens cost around fifty five pens and average pens cost around ninety five dollars. There is a category of vale pens in Australian market which is of high quality when compared with the other products. This costs around one hundred and fifty dollars.

  1. Vale Liquid

The liquid installed inside the cigarette is one of the essential components of e cigarettes. Apart from that many of the customers use it directly also. There are many variations as well as kinds of products available in the market. The major distinguishing is based on the quality of the liquid. The low quality liquid of ten milli litre is available for just five dollars. The thirty mille litres of the same kind of low quality liquid is available for fifteen dollars while the medium quality for ten mille litres is available for ten dollars. The thirty mille litres of the same type is also available for twenty dollars. The high quality is the most wanted saw ell as signature product of many companies. This is available for fifteen dollars for the ten mille litres bottle and that of thirty mille litres is available for thirty dollars.

All the pricing is based on the way in which the product is made. The components of the cigarette determine the price of the product. Most commonly the three parts of the e cigarette is clear miser or atomizer, the second part is the battery and the last one is the liquid. Many companies also offer the users a starter pack which is so favourable for the starters. Thus the comparison of the normal cigarettes can also be done by the user.

The pricing of the e cigarettes is done by different companies on the basis of the components of the product they supply. However there are many similarities in the pricing of the e liquids and other vamping items. The starter packs available for the users is also quite interesting as well as attractive.