Social Effects of E-Cigarettes

Many people ask what the connection between drugs and society is. It is a common argument of the regular users of such drugs that the personal consumption by them has no link between the society and its development. But many studies and case reports have proved that the way in which the people in the society thinks and behave determines the pace of development in that society. As far as the e cigarettes are concerned this is one of the most modern invention in the drugs which is so convenient and easy for the user to carry and consume.

The dreadful effects of such cigarettes are high on the young people, growing children and also the pregnant women. The content of nicotine is the major reason why many of the people find it hard to stop the habit of smoking. Thus the addictive nature of nicotine requires them to continue in smoking which make many people addicts even after the first time use. The brain development of the children in the womb to the college students are adversely affected by the use of e cigarettes. Thus the way in which they respond to the personal life and also the social life have been changed a lot.

The chemical contained in the e cigarette is the next reason why most of the people get easily weak after the regular use. The commitment that the young people have towards all the social conditions around them is being getting decreased due to many reasons. This includes the inability to concentrate of things. They are not getting the concentration as well as integrity to contribute to the development of the society. All what they do is focus to be the consumption of such drugs and wasting time abundantly.

The impact on the society due to the over consumption of e cigarettes is again dreadful when the users are tempting to increase the amount of time of consumption. We know that the drug addict can easily be converted to get extended to the other types of drugs. This is how the alcoholics and irresponsible group puff citizens are coated in the countries. When the general awareness is lost for the regular users of such drugs they become ignorant about the things happening around them. This can also lead to other major problems which is quite irresistible in nature for both users as well as the society people.

The e cigarettes are easily available even for the school, students so that they can use it for an experimental purpose. Later the experimental use is extended to regular use so that they themselves find it hard to retrieve them from the use of such drugs in future. This is why the strict regulations about the consumption of drugs like e cigarettes by the school students are prohibited by many governments across the world.

The impact of consumption of e cigarettes and the societal development is so connected since the users can deviate from their responsibilities and do not contribute to the progress.